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Originally Posted by sbabbs View Post
Did you see the thread where someone got a flwheel that was similar to your trigger wheel with a long hole instead of the long no holes and it would not work in his LH 2.4 car. It turned out to be a motronic flywheel I think. Anyway if you read that ignition system post you posted about it said one long tooth.. Not one long empty area. That trigger wheel you got might not work with LH 2.4. I'm not sure on where the rev limit is in the lh2.4 EZK bin, but I do have a Non turbo lh2.4 EZK bin that has no rev limit at all if you need it.
Thanks for the heads - up. I did read that thread. Didn't relate it to my setup, however your observation is correct, thank you. I will have to remove it & add a long tooth to replace the empty area.

If you have a bin for NA with no rev limit, that would definitely be helpful I'll pm you on that, thank you.

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Thanks for the direct link.

My XR July2013 - 446AWHP @ 8K rpm C30 AWD conversion Feedback Thread

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