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Originally Posted by linuxman51 View Post
enem C2 sitting on the bench, it's broken (rear thrust collar), but not sure if that matters for just measurements.
Nope. As long as it has #1 and #2 cam journals on it, we can use it.

Send to

Dan Samodai
7 Highland Terrace Apt A
Beverly MA 01915

Please make sure to include a return address. I'll pay to send it back.

This goes for anybody.

If you look at these cam profiles, the factory cams all have a ramp speed of 0.050" per 10, pretty much across the board. I'd like to see what one of these true aftermarket performance cams looks like. I had a KG7 but never measured it, but I can tell you the duration over 0.300" was WAY longer than anything else we'd seen.
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