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Here is the connected package. It looks way longer than the B21ft/m46 w/ OD setup, but it worked out great.

Initially thought I could get away without any cuts, but that turned out to be false.

These mounting brackets/braces contacted the tunnel. Also it's easier to remove the trans with access to the top of the shifter.

Made a simple access panel. Once it's in place, there is no flex in the end of the tunnel.

For the trans crossmember, it was important to be able to use the OEM mount for simplicity.

It's a tight fit between the rails with no flex and it made to I can tuck the exhaust high on the passenger side with a bit of heat shielding for the body.

The shifter was too short in height so I put on a 4" extension and im so happy the OEM rubber boot fits nicely.

Oem shift knob with some modification should make all this have a stock look.

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