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I chopped 1 coil off each spring and boxed the trailing arms. New torque rod bushings, all others are reused from the wagon, including the glorious spherical TABs. Also stainless brake lines, OEM pads, and all new parking brake bits. It stops good now. Stock sway bar because I haven't found a cheap 25mm front bar that will work.

Drives a little funny with the front end still being completely original, but it handles way nicer. Rides a little firmer but still nice. Powertrax clunk in low speed turns is annoying, but totally worth it. First/reverse shudder is still there but greatly reduced.. Soft carrier mount maybe? Also what's the point of the cup thingy on the axle end of the panhard? I think it's hitting my exhaust.

The parking brake.. Assembling that crap was a big PITA. It's new shoes and new hardware that came with the wagon in a box. It does work, but not that well. Can't hold on a steep driveway like it could on the old axle. Barely slows me down if I rip it with all my might while coasting. Shoes have to wear in, I guess?

Old TAB:

The torque rods looked the same.
I don't know what I have
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