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Default 7/9 Center Bearing Carrier

I'm about to install the center support conversion bracket from Viking in my 245. This 91 has an M-46 in it with the large shaft. Bearing is the same as the 940, but I'm seriously challenged on all things 7/9. What brand of support is everyone using? URO, Meyle and Febi all have them, very inexpensive. Can still get OE Volvo...for $180 or so. Thoughts? Thanks.
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I believe i purchased a kit from FCP, came with bearing and the donut. Febi? Driveshaft guy had no issues installing it.
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Somehow my Meyle is hanging in there after a couple years of flogging in the 7. Next time around though I may look into something like the Spicer one VB242 used for his 240 (Spicer 210084-2x). I went with the Spicer in the 140, trimmed the corners to make it round, and installed. Really a VERY solid mount, no flex, just a better design than the OE stuff for the 240. It might be adaptable to the 7/9 as well.
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Rock Auto may still have some on "close out sale" I picked some ( both sizes just in case) up few months ago. Meyle.
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