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This is what I am using.

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Originally Posted by 142 guy View Post
That appears to be Cohline 2192. Cohline 2240 appears to be their recommendation for fuel line retrofits and has a much higher temperature rating of 135C which I think may be the cause of my ageing problem.


However, this may be academic since there are definitely no local suppliers and in fact it appears that the only vendors of 2240 are on the other side of the Atlantic.
I'm not convinced that heat is the cause of the failure. On several cars the hose between the pump and filter sprang a leak and it's not close to any heat source.

Belmetric has the 2240 hose as does my local supplier but it's 3 times the cost. If the 2192 hose doesn't hold up I'll try the 2240. If they put any more ethanol in the fuel I won't have a choice as the 2192 is only rated for 10%.

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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
I'm not convinced that heat is the cause of the failure.
Just a guess, but it might be because E10 is 2192's upper limit for ethanol.

Continuing my investigation, I can't find a DIN equivalent for the SAE J30R10 specification at all. I don't think there is a DIN standard for in-tank hose.

I found out that this discussion has happened before elsewhere, and this page on a Volkswagen website has more information about fuel hose standards. There's a chart of the SAE J30 standards and their basic characteristics on the page. But there is no mention of R14 type 2 in this chart.
Also it warns that there may be counterfeit R9 hoses that are really relabeled R7 hoses floating around. This might be why I got a length of R6 hose in a box of what was supposed to be R9. It could just be that they forgot to scrub and relabel it. I'll have to rescind my endorsement of Prestone injection hose until I can be sure that they're not selling relabeled emissions hoses as injection hose.

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