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Default Obsolete Volvo Parts Site

I hope i am not posting something that is common knowledge, but in my search this week for a couple of obsolete parts for a 740, i ended up on Pelicans website in a multipage list by part number of Volvo parts they claim to have or have access to. There are a sh*t ton of part Numbers. I ordered some parts and haven't been told they are NLS. yet... i am kinda waiting for the shoe to drop, but there are so many parts on the list and yet only bits and pieces of single systems that i am hopeful it isn't all BS. brw, there was a lot of parts labelled upholstery. there doesn't appear to be any discount or anything other than free shipping after a set $$ point.

as stated, hope i am not wasting forum space w/ this post.

have a dandy
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I'm kinda interested in what this could be!


Maybe a buttcheek fuel can?
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Beets taste like buttfeet.
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water-cooled VW owners can't even tell you the flavor of Cheetos they ate last night.

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Tinnitus and hearing loss? Sounds like your ears could tolerate some Bose 901s!
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You can browse the volvo parts catalogs and look up what's available from Volvo on gcp.se. Skandix and VP Autoparts are also good to browse. Classic Swede in the UK has lots of goodies for Volvos, too.
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Pelican has been a real crap shoot for oe volvo parts the last couple of years. Ive waited months for OE parts figuring they were coming from Sweden but when I called them months later they said they couldn’t get them after all. I’ve learned to just go to the Volvo dealer for the OE stuff and pelican for everything else since they’re less than a mile from me.
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Originally Posted by dl242gt View Post
You can browse the volvo parts catalogs and look up what's available from Volvo on gcp.se. Skandix and VP Autoparts are also good to browse. Classic Swede in the UK has lots of goodies for Volvos, too.
I would be inclined to go with those sites or Scandcar and CVI. If none of those sites list a part the part is likely unavailable. Both Skandix and CVI will indicate on their webpage if the part is discontinued or out out of stock or has a long lead time. I think the other sites do the same; but, it has been a while since I ordered anything so I can't be sure.

I think Pelican's website provides a list of legitimate part numbers. That does not mean that those parts are available. Like a so many vendors with a web presence they don't stock all their parts, they rely on being able to source rare parts from a distributor.
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The new 'performance' restore it to

Raise The Lowered

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Folks on here don't know a good deal when they see it.
how psi stock cna sprout?

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