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Default Will '92 240 head pipe and bosal cat listed for Non-EGR work on EGR car? 1992

Ok, I screwed up and ordered a new genuine volvo head pipe and a Bosal cat listed for a non-EGR car, but figured out later that my 1992 240 wagon IS an EGR car. I can;t figure out what could possiblly be different if both head pipe and cat are being replaced at the same time.

I know that the head pipe to exhaust manifold is the same, and the 3 bolt head pipe flange to cat 3 bolt flange should match up? What am I missing? Oh, the existing exhaust has the 02 sensor in the cat, but it is a hillbilly rigged universal POS cat. Some idiot PO hacked off the 3 bolt flange and rigged up an aftermarket cat It's a california car, rusted and busted in the Ohio salt. Thanks!
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Installed as a pair, you will be fine. They won’t mix and match. The 3 bolt flange is not the same EGR versus non-EGR. The EGR version uses a ball flange connection header pipe to cat and the non-EGR uses a flat gasket flange. The EGR catalytic converter is also much bigger. The rest of your exhaust will bolt right up to either style of those catalytic converters.
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Thanks for the response. I have received the cat that I ordered, bosal 099-937 and I am waiting for the head pipe to see if all will fit. I believe that the cat is the right one, not sure yet if the pipe I ordered has the floating 3 bolt flange or not. I will report back when I finally get the rusted to he-- exhaust studs off and try the new parts to see if I got the right parts or not. Thanks again!

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