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Default B230FT planned maintenance

Hi all,

First of all, excuse my poor english, I'm a french guy.

I have a 91' B230FT that I wish to do like a stage 0 on it and put back in optimal health.
I'd like to ensure everything runs smooth and as close as possible to original specs.
I already got a Haynes manual and a few PDF found here and there but nothing like a true "stage 0 manual" and I ain't fix what isn't broken.

I was originally thinking about inspecting under the rocker cover and adjusting valves clearance, shimming, seals, do some leak down test..

I then told myself the best way to do it properly is to ask the experts

So, if this was your situation, what would you do ?

To give an accurate view about my level, I shall precise that I have good enough mechanical skills to rebuild completely an E30 (BMW) engine but I strictly know nothing about performance increase.

Waiting for your advices now, let's read them !
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To stage zero your car. You will want to do any required maintenance and service tasks. Things like the timing belt and tensioner. All V belts, hoses. I presume the car you are working on is a 700/900 series. So I would replace the plastic heater control valve as a preventative repair. Engine mounts, transmission mount should all probably be replaced. You can get a decent performance increase with a manual boost controller. You can run this on a stock engine and bring the boost up to about 11psi. There is also an intake hose from the air mass sensor to the turbo intake. If this hose is soft and squishy. You should replace it as it can be sucked shut during full boost. Remove the stock intercooler and clean out the goop that builds up inside.

Hope that gives you some ideas. I will post back if I think of anything else. Basically, stage zero is every system on the car like brakes, suspension, along with the service and repairs on the engine are all inspected and brought up to full function.
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Stage 1
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The Brickboard / VOC FAQ is also a great place to start: https://www.volvoclub.org.uk/faq/FAQSummary1.html
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Change all the seals, belts, hoses, PCV entire system, and all fluids and anything worn out or broken
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