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Default 93 240 wagon whine/scrape

Hey all i have a 1993 240 wagon with the b230f and last night after i got home it made this random knocking / whine and scrape, almost as if you dragged something on a treadmill, i figured the knocking was some loose plug wires but i still can’t seem to pinpoint the whine/scrape sound. it seems to be coming from passenger side of engine bay but it is really hard to tell. Anyone have any advice on things to check would be wonderful i have recently replaced belts and all pulleys seemed fine to me this car isn’t in the greatest shape so i’m sure it could be anything.
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philski o'flood
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check that the water pump pulley is not touching the alternator belt tensioning bracket
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Get a 2' piece of rubber/plastic hose, stick one end by your ear, and search around with the other end to help find the source of the noise. Or go big and buy the $4.99 Harbor Freight mechanics' stethoscope.
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