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Default White block w CD009 in a 200 series

Is there any here in TB land that has the CD009 behind a whiteblock in a 200 series yet?

How well does it fit in the tunnel? What shifter relocator did you use? Recommendations on Clutch master?

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I do, but it's the wrong kind of whiteblock (alu LS).

It's not bad beind the LS, but I scooted that forward about 1.25 inches, helped with bellhousing clearance, turbo piping placement. SO no real clue how far back it would sit behind a whiteblock.

Where I had it, clearance wasn't bad. I spent a while grinding down odd lumps and bumps on the outside of the trans (where it mattered), then a while with a BFH. Trans in, lift it up toward where it needed to sit, note where it touched, remove trans, BFH for a while, repeat. It really wasn't all that much.

I used a CBF Performance top mount shifter. Even the shortest rear mount shifters would have been too far back. The top mount was slightly too far forward, I had to cut a bit out of the tunnel (an inch or less?) and use an offset adapter on the shift lever. Using a top mount means removing the back case on the trans and shopping the shifter rod. Wasn't that hard though. I wouldn't really recommend the CBF shifter, it's not as tight and precise as I wanted it to be, a result of the way the shifter uses pins in the housing to engage with a round shifter pivot, and then pins on the shifter lever to locate it in the ball as well. Two places where a little slack in the pins produce wiggle in the lever. Which isn't good when you've got 6 gears (and reverse) crammed into a small area. Plus it took something like 3.5, 4 months to arrive, poor communication, lots of changing excuses whenever I did hear from them. I'd try elsewhere if I were you.

I'm using a 260 hydraulic clutch master on mine, hooked to Camaro T56 clutch parts on the other end. The Volvo clutch master is the same diameter as the Camaro clutch master, but in my mix of parts the engagement point is very short, and the pedal effort is pretty high, I plan on getting another master with a smaller diameter to help that situation out some. It's a bit touchy to drive as is.
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Old 05-26-2021, 11:15 AM   #3
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Hey JohnMc,

I'm pretty sure I read some of that thread...I watched a video about installing the top mount shifter and doesn't look that terrible. I know there are a couple options out there and will put CBF at the bottom of the list haha Not afraid of swinging a hammer at the car, wouldn't be the first time! Clutch engagement is less than desirable as it is now, hopefully it doesn't get worse! Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Looks like I should reach out to DeeWorks and see how many of their whiteblock bellhousing adapters have been sold and if anyone there can point out some of the pitfalls.
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