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Default Looking for fellow Western New Yorkers

hey all, I used to browse this site constantly the first couple years after I bought my Volvo and I think its time to revive myself. I Purchased my car from an estate sale in Concord CA. 1988 245, with currently less than 200,000 on the engine(if the several volvo guys I've spoken with throughout owning the car have suggested were actually correct)

Long story short, I shipped the car back to my hometown of Rochester NY and am wondering if theres anyone in the area that I could use as a contact/someone to reach out to regarding the vehicle. I know the people on this site can be trusted much more than some random mechanic, which is unfortunately what I'm currently dealing with. Ive done the timing belt and all other belts, water pump, power steering hoses and other basic maintenance in the past but theres still a lot that I don't know about this car. Hoping to hear from someone as I need a teacher/friend to really show me the ways

Thanks everyone,
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