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Exclamation Sunroof Sag - ‘92 240

Just recently bought a 92 240 and the sunroof sags in the back left corner causing a leak onto the driver. When I physically push up on the roof it sits flush, when I let go it sags again. Any advice on how to get it to permanently sit flush?
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Unclip the headlining from the sunroof panel, then close the panel. You'll have access to the mechanism and the hardware mounting it to the car. Most likely, you need to pull the gearbox, then use a screwdriver to manually pull the cables tight, which should cause the panel to go into place. After that is done, reinstall the trim, the gearbox, and the crank. I would then open the roof and spray some lithium grease in the area where the panel slides backward and forward, that way it'll move easily. The other thing to do is to add a couple hose clamps in the trunk where the rear drain tubes wrap around the inner body seams. They like to crimp in that area. Install the clamps and tighten them just enough to keep the rubber tubes from crimping.

Another thing I would consider is to find a power sunroof kit. Strangely enough, my 242's sunroof would give me a bath when it was still a manual roof. Seems like it wouldn't line up correctly with the crank mechanism in use, which would be rocking backward and forward as I'd operate the crank. Decided to install a power sunroof kit in the car. No more unwanted baths, and it opens and closes properly now.

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Aside from the cables/gearbox having skipped a tooth at some point causing a misalignment and not allowing the sunroof to close all the way, could also be to do with the adjustment where the sunroof is attached to the cables.

After you've removed the headlining panel from the sunroof you will notice the front of the sunroof can be adjusted up or down by 4 knobs (2 on each side). The rear of the sunroof can also be adjusted up or down with a single flat head bolt on each rear corner. That bolt threads into a nut with a series of ridges that lock into place with ridges on the outer portion of the arm attached to the cables. If that bolt is too loose the ridges will not engage and your adjustment will be lost causing sagging like you describe. If it is too tight the mechanism will not be able to fold down as it should when the sunroof is being opened.

Here's a photo of what I'm talking about

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