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Default Lemforder vs. Meyle Contol Arm Kits - Preference?

1995 854T, 261,000 miles

I didn't realize how bad the front steering components are on this car until yesterday.
Ball joints and tie rod ends are loose and sloppy. Scary that I was just driving it 70 mph last week.

Fortunately, FCP sells 6-piece kits that have the goodies I need - control arms w/ ball joints, tie rod ends and sway bar links. I don't think Genuine Volvo parts are necessary so their other 2 choices are Lemforder @ $247 & Meyle @ $127.

Both seem very reasonably priced but I'm leaning toward the Meyle kit since this "spare" car only gets driven maybe 1,000 miles per year now. So why spend the extra money.

Both brands have decent reviews, but I'm wondering what makes the Lemforder kit almost twice the price.
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It seems that Meyle has 3 quality levels on offer: OE, PD and HD. I suppose HD will not be priced the same as OE or PD parts.
But anyway, it's a German company that has to comform to TUV standards, if not customers would not get their cars passed TUV-inspection.
The part will have a sticker on it saying TUV approved or GS (geprufte sicherheit = tested safety)
i would have zero doubts about buying a Meyle car part.
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Old 10-11-2021, 10:56 AM   #3
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id opt for lemforder if its an option
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Go with the cheaper option. If its a daily driver, no point in spending a lot of money. In fact, I have use meyle suspensions parts on many 850s and can say they are good parts.
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