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Got some work done on the car today.

I think it was documented earlier in the thread, but this car was originally 105-1 Gold Metallic but was taken to Maaco shortly after purchase, where it got a very Maaco like white paint job in terms of prep and finish. Engine bay, door jambs and below all the trim are still 105-1.

I decided to spot paint the engine bay where it was primered when the battery tray and windshield lip rust was fixed, so I went to the local paint place and had them pack a spray can with 105-1.

When it was all done, it ended up a bit more copper and glossy than I would have liked, but also the original engine bay paint is close to 50 years old so with time, heat and everything it's a little worn. I am just trying to make the car a driver again. In 10 years when I get bored, maybe I'll do a full resto on the body with a proper paint job but if it passes the 10-20 foot test for a while that's cool.

Now that I have the engine bay painted enough, the engine is also ready to go in.

I had a 940T oil cooler on my backup block for the rally and lemons cars. Neither of those cars use this style cooler.

I might turbo the car at some point in time so I figured it would not hurt to add it now. Also it puts the oil filter in an easy spot. Alternator is going on the passenger side.

And finally, here's a shot of the ES and it's grandson. Also, my stash of working-on-car drinks and snacks.

Originally Posted by brickcupra View Post
OMG!!!! Os sad to hear all these sad news in Cal. Praying that all this stuff plus covid takes a slower pace so we Tbrickers and the rest of the world can return to a certain new normal
Please be safe !!!
Greetings from the Windy City
The conditions have become much, much more favorable the past few days. They are up to 20% containment

The mountains still got hit pretty good, but they did not get engulfed and encroach on the town like the nightmare scenario that seemed to be unfolding last week with the heat and wind conditions.

But the winds have shifted and are blowing all the smoke to the bay area [sorry guys] and we actually have some breathable air here for the first time in almost a week.
- Patrick
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83 244ti - road race
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