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Default '95 940 Parasitic Draw

Hey everyone, I've been having an issue with the battery draining on my 940. I got to pulling fuses and tracked the issue down to fuse 14. I suspect the culprit is the ambient temp sensor which broke off my car a while back. However, after pulling fuse 14 the draw only dropped from 350 milliamps to 100 milliamps. I pulled the rest of the fuses to see if I could get the draw to 0 but to no avail. Is 100 milliamps a typical amount of draw on these cars?
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James M
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Realistically you want a little lower, but what is your testing procedure? Do you have the door switches clamped and let everything turn all the way off? Not sure how many modules a late 940 has but it's worth making sure everything is off.
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Disconnect your stereo to eliminate that power off draw. That will take away a chunk of the 100ma that is still a draw.
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Not sure about a 940, but my 240 had an issue with the light in the glove box not turning off - broken plastic on the glove box door prevented the light switch from being fully depressed when closed.
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Originally Posted by JaimeMedina View Post
tracked the issue down to fuse 14
If I follow the wiring diagram correctly, that fuse should only have power when the ignition switch is on. Does your radio/wipers/cigarette lighter socket/horn work with key out? If so, your ignition switch is bad. There was a recent thread about this same issue, and junk aftermarket switches.
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