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Default Injectors songs - Test mode 3

Hello everyone,
940 2L turbo 155 HP 1991 - 175 Kkilometers
When using test mode 3, injectors are tested sequentially. To my surprise they do not all produce the same sound. Number 1 makes a loud TIK -- TIK -- TIK, number 2 says Trrrk - Trrrk - TrrrK, number three Tk-Tk-Tk -- Tk-Tk-Tk, and number four I don't quite remember but it's still different. Is it normal? Sounds strange to me.
The car runs but performance is not what I would have expected, and I get sometimes a 2-3-2 code (poor at idle). When idling injector 1 is noisy - same loud TIK-TIK as when tested - so loud that I thought first I had a noisy valve.
Should I replace the injectors? Those I have were cleansed (ultrasonic device) and tested good a few thousands kilometers ago. They are the green caps.
Thank for your advices.
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The first TIK TIK is the idle valve.
The test does not test the service injectors sequentially - they all can only open simultaneously. Disconnect them three at a time if you want to compare one to another.

Edit: Going by the sounds, I may have the order mixed, but the mode 3 test covers cold start valve, idle valve, and service injectors, and maybe even something else on a 940.

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/\ /\ /\ The wiring doesn't allow them to be fired individually - they are all powered from a single wire (split out through 4 resistors), and all 4 ground wires are spliced together a few inches into the harness, and a single wire leads to the ECU.
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