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Default Mercedes fuel pump for K-Jet

The fuel pump on my 1980 GLT (B23E) seems to become weak and I'd like to replace it.
Would it be beneficial to use a higher rated (pressure) pump? Most K-Jet replacement pumps are listed as having 5 bar (72.5 PSI) e.g. Bosch 0580464126
But Bosch also sells a Mercedes pump with a 6.5 bar (94 PSI) pressure rating: Bosch 0580464125

Which one should I get?
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seems to become weak
1. Test the pressures instead of throwing parts at it
Originally Posted by lummert View Post
Dammit, Lummert.
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Well keep us updated on how your dumbass plan goes.
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Originally Posted by VolvoGLT View Post
Would it be beneficial to use a higher rated (pressure) pump?
Offhand, K-Jet has a pressure relief valve, and this may have to be re-calibrated when a higher psi pump is used....if its fuel returned to tank can handle increased fuel volumes.

If pressure relief circuit can not return all by-passed fuel to tank, your engine will run richer.
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Unless you're planning to add a large turbo with lots of boost, I think you'll be fine with the stock 949 pump.


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