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matt b
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Default Amazon, P1800, 1800S, etc cross member shock mount repair

I tried cramming as many key words in the title to help others find this thread.

As many of us know, the upper shock mount area of the Amazon, 140 and 1800 series cars isn't great. Of the 4-5 Amazons that I've owned and subsequent 1800 cars all of them had cracked shock towers.

Here is the repair. I use a local welding shop since I don't have the ability to cut the ¼ metal plates required. Cost is $175/cross member which may be on the low side since I do a lot of business with this particular metal fab shop.


Some gloriously sketchy, porous and uneven stick welding:



After sand blasting, ignore the LCA's, they are just as bad and will not be used.


Best place to cut is the top of the curved edge. This will allow the shock to mount at the same height as the factory location.

Enjoy the nightmares:


Next step is the ¼ inch plate



Ignore the powdercoating and red overspray, we use this particular cradle to run cars through paint.
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Clean execution. Need to check my cross members.
Thanks for sharing
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