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Default 240 stall/ no start sanity check.

For the past year and for the first time since becoming a RWD Volvo devotee in 2009 I am living with just a single car and apart from nearly all my tools.

The car is an Ď83 245 converted to LH2.2 and EZK 117. Electronically itís a 740. The conversion was done in 2011 with about 30 k miles on it since. Basically the stock LH 2.0 harness re pinned for the 2.2 AMM with an EZK harness that I made myself.

Last week my car stalled in traffic and would nor start until sitting for and hour or so and would then drive like nothing was wrong.

The stalling became more frequent and the time needed to restart longer.

This morning the car started roughly and only ran (at idle) for a few minutes.

Initially after stalling the car would restart with the AMM wire harness disconnected however swapping the AMM with my spare did not change the behavior any.

The stalls always appeared while accelerating, when this happened the first time it did not immediately stop running and the tachometer appeared steady. I have a voltage gauge and it too showed no sights of trouble either.

When the car wonít start it is getting spark. Both the installed and spare AMM measure 3.4 ohms resistance between terminals 2 and 3.

I pulled the engine and replaced all of the gaskets and seals last summer as well as all of the vacuum hoses. I did find a tiny hole in the intake hose from rubbing on the charcoal canister hoses and wrapped it in an old bicycle inner tube as a temp repair. The idle switch clicks when the throttle is opened. The air box thermostat appears to work and the the ďhot airĒ side from the exhaust is closed as it should be this time of year, as Iím about to permanently move to San Diego Iíll likely gut it but I donít think itís faulty.

Jumping the fuel pumps has no effect and both pumps operate. The in tank flex hose and suction strainer were replaced less than a month ago. The FPR has no tell tell fuel drips or smell from the vacuum nipple. I donít however have the tools (with me) to test pressure at the fuel rail.

I have not done a continuity test of any wiring however the harness is a later replacement and not the original biodegradable part. It is the 2.0 harness with the AMM pins rearranged for the 2.2 unit.
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Default 81242dlb21fca

Maybe checking more fundamental things would yield a starting point. Assuming you are sane and that gasoline explodes in the presence of a spark, check that injectors are working, there is fuel pressure, and there is spark at the plugs.
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