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Default A/C evaporator loose within cover but can't remove it

I'm trying to replace the A/C evaporator as part of resurrecting the all original A/C system in my '91 745T.

I've removed all 11 screws and have partially pried the lower cover away from the upper. I can push it down 3"-4" along the front edge. The side edges taper to a small separation at back. The back does appear to be separated from the upper cover. The cover was a very tight fit at the bottom rear which I assume is the reason the back has not separated more. I've cut the sound deadening material and peeled it away, pulled out a small foam/rubber piece that was wedged between the cover and what I'm calling sound deadening material and disconnected the drain hose from the cover. This loosened the cover a little bit and I can wiggle it left/right but it will not move forward. I'm reluctant to push it further downward because I don't want to break it. Although at this point...

The evaporator has been disconnected. It can be moved left/right easily within the cover. It can be pried downward but as I'm using the upper cover edge as a pivot point I've limited downward pressure. I've hooked two large picks around the end of the evaporator and pulled. When pulled it moves upward and it sounds like it is hitting something. It will not move forward. I used a piece of wood and a hammer to see if the connection tubes sticking into the engine compartment could be moved. There was some movement as the tube ends looked like they were sinking into the foam. I stopped when one of the tubes looked bent.

Information and/or suggestions from anyone who has completed this repair will be greatly appreciated.
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Join Date: May 2005
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Update: While looking/feeling around perimeter of cover I found another screw. After much slow turning one flat at a time I got it out. Lower cover can be tilted downward at front about 5-6" now. But it still seems to be jammed/stuck at bottom rear right corner.

The evaporator is as before. I have not been able to move it forward.

Hopefully someone can offer help.
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