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Default XC60 T6: How do you techs do the oil filter?

I have one diy oil change under my belt and it was a biatch getting the cartridge out from down there due to tight access. I could not get the cap with that internal plastic grid out at all so I ended up changing the o ring 'down there'.

How do you guys do it?
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The official procedure involves removing the passenger side headlight and moving the power steering reservoir out of the way. The headlight comes out after removing two clips/stakes so it's not quite as involved as it sounds.
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Originally Posted by emem1160 View Post
It's way easier than it sounds. The headlamp pops out in 2 seconds with two clips.

I just push the PS reservoir under the intake manifold

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I pull the filter off the cartridge, get it out, then the cartridge. Did it six times today.
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Stiggy Pop
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good timing, going to do mine this weekend!
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Pull the head light and move the power steering reservoir where the head light was. Everyone does this way at my Volvo dealer takes 20 seconds
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