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Default Loud clunks into reverse and bubbles noise 1st to 2nd gear

It has been funny times driving my 240, more than my xc70 2007....
But after 600 miles (fixed O2 sensor, pre pump, ECT, V belts, starter motor, FPR, among others issues) the car has beginning to show several notorious... The more important issue now is a loud clunk (metal crack sound) when shift into reverse. I bet for a mount but dont know precisely, or it can be a transmission issue?
My wife adds a bubbling noise when shifts 1st to 2nd , plus the well known 1-2 harsh upshift (but meanwhile the harsh shift does not mind, it is described and I have it identified)
I have not heard it yet, right now I'm in atacama desert.

Many thanks for your advices
Un saludo para turbobricks.com desde el desierto de atacama, chile

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I would def look at your transmission/motor mounts, for sure on the clunk issue. There are 2 on the motor, and one on the transmission.
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Also center bearing and u-joints.
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Arthur Digby Sellers
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Could be rear suspension bushings namely the torque rod and trailing arm bushings.
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I didn't think there was anything to the whole 7/9 thing, but I have to say that my 745T is the only Volvo I've owned that blew up and self-immolated.
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