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Default 1976 Kjet Altitude Adjustment

Howdy, yíall! So I bought the 76 245 that was on CL in Portland last week, road tripped up to my friendís garage in Washington to tune it up and get it ready for the trip, and Iím currently driving/camping my way back to Colorado. I just got my first real elevation of the trip (Deadman Pass in eastern Oregon), and the idle is now hunting around unhealthily in the 600rpm range, almost stalling. Iím guessing as this Kjet system doesnít have any external input source, I need to adjust for elevation as if I have a carb, but my massive green Kjet book is thoughtfully at my house in Colorado, and a quick search hasnít helped me find anything helpful yet. Iíve driven tons of carbed cars up and down all sorts of elevations, so I understand the principles at play, I just have never tuned a Kjet car before.

So my questions are:

How do I adjust mixture? (Or do I even need to, as the car is running fine at speed?)
How do I adjust idle speed? (Is this as easy as the stop on the throttle cable?)

Thanks, and sorry for the novice questions, I just have no resources here driving a car I flew in to buy haha.
1993 245
1968 122s
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