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Default EZ116K Daughterboard-kit information, updated manual!

Dear Turbobricks-user,

Create my own account, i can introduce myself as Fabian Bijlsma, Brother from Martijn (Blabla).

Function of EZ116K Daughterboard:
The unchippable boxes don’t have any eprom at all. All of its software is stored in the CPU itself. Nonetheless, an external eprom can still be linked to the CPU. A few signaling pins will “tell” the CPU to discard it’s build in maps, and complete boot from the external ROM.

The EZK will use it’s RAM to store values it may learn when running. When you turn off the ignition the EZK still gets power. The small chip on the daughterboard performs the same tasks as the small smd chip on the factory daughterboard. This chip will take care of the address latching.
EZ116K modification, with this kit you create your own chippable EZ116K, like the Goldboxes.
Here below a complete reworked instruction manual in use with the EZ116K daughtherboard-kit!
Step zero , find/own a EZ116K. All EZK’s found in combination with LH 2.4 could be modified, exept the already chippable Goldboxes!

For example, the EZK116K 0 227 400 159, from the B204FT.

*First read the full instruction before assembling!

EZ116K-Daughterboardkit PCB assembly:

Including the following parts:
-28 pin DIL IC-socket
-20 pin DIP IC-socket
-NXP 74HC573N
-Metallfilm 4,7 Kohm resistor
-2x MKT capacitor
-3 pin header
-20 pin 90 degree header
-Small piece desoldering-braid

Step 1, Mount the 28 pin DIL IC-socket, use your hand to ensure the position of this socket.

Step 2, Mount the 20 pin DIP IC-socket, use your hand to ensure the position of this socket.

Step 3, Install the 74HC573N.

Step 4, Install the 2 Pet capacitors, ensure the position of the caps with your hand.

Step 5, mount the 3 pins header, straight as possible! Ensure the position with one of your fingers. Be carefull with soldering, see the pictures below for more visual instructions.

Step 6, mount the metallfilm resistor.

Step 7, Cut the overlength parts off the back from the PCB.

Step 8, install the 20 pin header. Look at the pictures below.

*Keep in mind!

*By installing from the 20 pin angled header on the EZ116K Daugherboard, look to the horizontal distance from the back of the Daugherboard PCB to the IC signed above in the
picture. Don’t push the header complete through the PCB holes, this way you can keep
distance between the PCB and the IC on de EZ116K mainboard! Other possibility is to mount the 20 pin angled header first on the EZ116K mainboard and solder the EZ116K
daughterboard on the header already attached to the mainboard. Both methods are usuable!

-Assembled EZ116K Daughterboard, ready for installation in your EZ116K!

-Ensure that the connections from the capacitor and the 20 pin header not attached to eachother!

Further information:

Step 9, remove the four torx-fasteners , as below in the picture, Torx T10. After this step you could remove the front EZ116K cover.

Step 10, after removing from the torx-fasteners you could remove the cover, you would see something like visual as below.

Step 11, remove the three torx-fasteners around the ECU connector, see the picture below. Torx T10.

Step 12, pull the EZ116K PCB out the casing, be carefull!

Step 13, take the included piece desoldering-braid, clean the points seen below on the picture from solder.

Step 14, get the prepared Daughterboard from the assembly manual, look at the pictures for the right position. Solder the 20 connections from the
header to the EZ116K. Use a minimum amount of solder!

Step 15, cut the overlength header parts off the PCB.

Step 16, Mount the EZ116K board back in the casing with the three torx-fasteners. Torx-T10.

Step 17, Connector the included terminal jumper to pin 2 and 3 from the EZ116K Daugherboards header. Important! Dont install any E(e)prom in this stage.

Step 18, Connect the EZ116K in your car on the wiring loom.
Step 19, Turn your ignitionkey, try to start your car! If all things work, your car is NOT able to start!

Step 20, Connect the terminal jumper to pin 1 and 2 on the EZ116K Daugherboard. If
all things are ok, your car will start now back again.

Step 21, Mount your EZ116K tuningchip in the DIL 28 pins IC-Socket. Don’t forget to
connector the terminal jumper to pin 2-3 for using the external E(e)prom.

Step 22, Put the cover from the EZ116K back on the casing, get the four torx-fasteners back in place. Torx-T10.

Step 23, Install your EZ116K back in the original mounting position in your car!
-Have fun!

Kind regards, Btech (Fabian Bijlsma)

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