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Default How is the power steering pump mounted in a 240 with ac?

Hi folks,

greetings from Germany. i'm new at the turbobrick forum, because i need some help i can't get at my german forums, which i normally visit for technical help and discussions.

I have following problem, maybe some of you guys could help me:

I'm driving a 93 Volvo 245 since almost ten years. The german 240s are normally very weak equiped, so i installed several features during the time (electric rear mirrors, heatet seats, third brake light, tachometer, thermometer, etc.). I was happy, when i had the opportunity to dismantle the ac-components from a 92 Volvo 240, because i always wanted an ac in my car. I took all the parts for the interior, the wires, the compressor and the compressor console. But I didn't know back then, that the power steering pump has a slight different position on the ac-compressor console, so i didn't dismantle the power steering pump.
Due to several reasons, I have but now the time to install all the components in the engine bay. I knew already, that i needed other brackets for the pump, because the bolts are locatet different.

Now i'm coming to my problem. I'm not sure how the power steering pump is exactly mounted. Especially the tensioning mechanism (i don't know if it is the correct word - sorry). Where do i connect this part to the power steering pump. I detailled picture would be great. Or a exploded diagram. Didn't find anything and my german friends couldn't help me, because these projects are very rare.

I'm hoping that you guys habe more experience with 240s with an ac, because i think they were more common in the USA than in Europe.

I'm hoping that you understand my problem, sorry if there are any mistakes in grammer or vocabulary. My active spoken English is a little bit rusty .

Cheers from Muenster, Germany

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maybe this forum will help a bit !


Looks like it can mount below the pump or beside the dizzy depending,

if you search your questions in google and end it with "turbobricks" all of the forum things will pop up and you can maybe dig a bit deeper into our english archives !

Cheers and happy volvoing!
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That’s just a reference so you can look at it if needed. On the adjuster/tensioner there is the short bolt with the threaded hole through the head for the long adjuster bolt to go through. You want the head of the short bolt pointing towards the nose and you want to attach the nut on the backside pointing towards the rear of the car.

Here’s a picture I found, little hard to see but you should be able to figure it out. It mounts and pivots on the right side and the tensioner/adjuster is on the left side when you are leaning over the radiator
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Here's the exploded view from the parts catalog. The brackets for the P/S pump with A/C are in the lower left of the pic.

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Also hp-hose #26 is different between Ac and noAc.
Volvo number #3530599 for ac cars.
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The photo above is for the up to 90 version of the power steering. Yours should have the steering reservoir integrated with the pump. If you need the mounting that goes on the block. I'm sure one of the folks here can send the mounting to you.
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