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Default 93 940 aw71L - can you make it lockup?

my 940's overdrive is 99% gone, it will shift into it coasting, but any throttle it'll slip and downshift. I swear it burnt up after sitting in traffic double pedaling it one day(idle was too low). anyway, I got it to go into lockup last week, and it was great, rpm's were good, mpg's were good, and I could change speed easily. now I can't seem to get it to drop into lockup, I've ran it up to 90mph and lightly brought the throttle down and it just won't shift. I've tried a loose kickdown cable, and a tight one, it doesn't seem to do much other than make od slip more when loose. any trick to get lockup 100%?

just trying to get through the rainy winter to rebuild/swap it, and driving at 4500rpm on the highway is not my preference
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