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Question volvo 16v EMS question

Hey guys,
There is a lot of information out about the physical build of a 16v/230 turbo engine, but not much publicized about the EMS setup. I am wondering if anyone here knows about the hardware (sensors modules etc) needed to do full standalone (ignition and fuel) on a 16v turbo build? Thanks in advance :)
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It's exactly the same as on an 8v.

Assuming speed density:
Crank trigger, coolant temp, throttle position, inlet air temperature and MAP.

You could even use a stock ignition module, and distributor/coil.

There is a megasquirt howto on here, all applies for the 16v as well.

Optional: Fan control, boost control, idle valve control.

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Everyone seems to mix and match their setup a little differently.

I mostly used stock sensors on my first iteration, using a single coil and the LH2.4 distributor with a Saab crab-cap on it. Using an MS1 box. I think an IAT sensor was the only thing added there (and I carried this setup over largely unchanged from the previous 8V motor).

Then I went coil-on-plug and sequential injection tfor the second go around - and used a Mitsubishi crank/cam sensor on a Yoshi adapter in place of the distributor. This used an MS3X box.
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buzz buzz.

anyway, it's just an engine. nothing special or different about it vs other engines with respect to EMS's
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COP is maybe the only 16V issue here. (Coil On Plug)
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