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Default Water meth on a B20

Anybody here running or know somebody running a water/methanol injection system on their NA B20? I'm curious if there's a marked benefit in installing it to help reduce carbon build-up long term and prevent detonation (esp. on the B20B and E motors).
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the only problem with that is what you define as cheap and fast
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Looks like the short answer to your question is no!!
Thought I would chime in as no-one else has.
I have been planning on using Water/meth injection while building an engine (B200) for my 240.
As you are n/a I am assuming you are not talking about one of the commercially available kits that are able to squirt large amounts of water/meth into the engine when under boost pressure.
I have also been looking at mostly DIY systems that add water when not under boost pressure. Some of them allow unmetered air into the engine which does not seem like a good idea. One sytem I like is shown here - http://www.dave-cushman.net/misc/mannject.html
Thinking of using a camping style collapsable water container so no extra air is included.
However, the problem would seem to be monitoring how much water you need for your desired purpose. I want to avoid detonation & keep the valves cool (higher compression, larger valves/smaller seats). I think that keeping carbon deposits down is a given.
So, how much is too little & how much is too much? and how will you know anyway?(without locking your engine).
Sorry if these were the questions you wanted answers to, maybe somene with actual experience will reply.
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I plan on running water/meth on my b20. I’ll be using an aquamist system that has options for trigger input, and a fast acting valve that is triggered by injector pw. So it’ll be progressive. If you’re Runnin carbs, I had a plan for a diy method.

Two nozzles, one for each carb, really small, like 100-200cc/min.

Wot switch


Suitable pump with internal bypass.

Pump run off a switch, solenoid on the wot switch and nozzles pointed down the throat of each carb.
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