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Default Hall Effect Sensor Resistance Specs? 1982 245 Chrysler Distributor

I am working on a no spark issue and I thought I saw where you could test the hall effect sensor by taking a reading on the resistance. I cannot find it again and was wondering if someone could lend a hand and knew where that data is?

This is for my 1982 245 B21F - CI with the Chrysler distributor. I took some readings and this is what I had. Now, in looking at different diagrams, they label the pins differently in different manuals, so I had labeled them like this: while looking at the plug, the left pin is "c", the top pin is "b" and the right pin is "a". I'll explain later how I got there if anyone is interested.

With the voltmeter set to 200K Ω:
C to B = 35.4 Ω
B to A = 118.1 Ω
A to C = 34.0 Ω

In trouble shooting this no spark issue, I am pretty sure I have checked most everything I could read about and this seems to be the last component. Thing is, I purchased the hall effect sensor new this past May. Seems to be a bit premature for a breakdown. I was thinking of even bench testing it to be sure. Well, if anyone has access to the data regarding the resistance, that will hopefully shed some light.

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