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Default Auto trans crossmember conundrum

So I'm changing my auto trans mount and am removing the crossmember to do so. I am now putting the crossmember back in and now the holes aren't spaced far enough apart to line up with the holes in the frame... Almost like the frame rails have spontaneously moved farther apart overnight . What happened here, any ideas?
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Are you sure you installed the mount correctly?

It is sometimes necessary to use an alignment punch to position the crossmember over the holes. I usually uses a #2 Phillips head screwdriver instead.
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Old 11-11-2019, 12:19 AM   #3
in waaaay over my head
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I've found adjusting the jack supporting the transmission to a little higher or lower is needed to get the bolts started. You have to start them only. If you tighten one side, you'll never get the other side started.
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Dirty Rick
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I use a punch or bar end to line up the holes and start the bolts by hand.
For the last bolt, shift the cross member as needed and tighten the adjoining bolt to hold the cross member in position for starting the last bolt.
Then loosen the tightend bolt slightly and snug up the rest enough to pull the cross member into position then torque all 4.
Tighten the trans mount to the cross member last.
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Old 11-11-2019, 04:41 PM   #5
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I couldn't get it to line up, even with completely removing the mount and trying to install just the crossmember (there was no contact with anything other than the frame)... I was finally able to get it on by using a ratchet strap between the frame rails and I guess I was able to pull them together a little bit. Lots of strange things have happened with this car, but this one takes the cake.
On a related note, now that the back of the transmission isn't drooping, my 2.5" exhaust is now rattling against the transmission crossmember
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Struggled with crossmembers in the past, bought a few replacements, none fit all that well, bent by a PO maybe?
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