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Default Late 7/9 series windshield trim install

Well I fought the 92 745 last night before bailing, for fear of bending the fragile 92 trim (I previously had to combine the 92 740 & 940 pieces to get a full straight set - all pieces identical between the 7 & 9).

I lightly lubricated all the clips at engagement point with soap film, and tried direct pressure (reasonable pressure) to achieve trim engagement - no joy. Trim internal shape/width is unbent AFAIK. The entire 7 top clips were used but complete and clean...... I was holding a new set of clips in reserve for my DD. If I don't hear otherwise today, I'll make a second attempt and deploy all the new clips.

The top horizontal piece must install first, A pillars last, is what I believe.

Experts who've BTDT, what am I missing?
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