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Default Blue 242

So... pre-covid, this was going to be a fun "spring on the guys" at mountain meet kinda thing, me being a notorious 240 hater and all... and I have my reasons, some of which have not yet been exorcised on this particular vehicle.

Astute readers and facebook stalkers are already familiar with this car, as it spent long summers and walks on the beach at chateau howard getting what turned out to be the full workup (and what originally was going to be a "wire it up and get it running" project). At any rate, the owner at the time decided to go another way with his vehicular ambitions about a year after picking the car up. Knowing what he replaced it with, I can't say I blame him at all.. and having ridden in a similar vehicle since then, I wonder why I do these things to myself but then I've made bad car decisions my whole life, why should that change now?

At any rate, here it is. the blue 242.

It has a bespoke go-autoworks intercooler setup that has retained virtually all of the stock cooling system and a/c routing, while having an intercooler that can sit at 20psi for 7-8 seconds in 95 degree weather and only pick up 5 degrees of temperature.

ok fine, enough with the churching it up. I'll just list where it's at now (which is easy because I have a spreadsheet complete with part numbers for almost everything on it)..

ms3pro installed and tuned by yours truely, with front and rear VSS inputs for traction control (or whatever else... boost by gear, simple logging, etc), full flex fuel with table blending, and other more boring things like sequential injection and ignition and boost control
What appears to be an early IPD turbo cam (may verifiy that with the other ipd turbo cam I have on the shelf)
isky double valve springs and retainers
T5 transmission, hydraulic conversion, DSS 1 piece alu driveshaft
TruTrac diff(the high pre-load one)
A smattering of BNE components...
ok fine, almost the full catalog of BNE components... coilovers, billet strutmounts, 2.0 trailing arms, adjustable panhardbar, strut bar, various bushings, I'm sure I'm forgetting something.
and various supporting mods (450 in tank pump, ID 1300's, yoshifab CAS, breather, oil cap, and other things)

When it left here, it made somewhere around 330whp on e85. there's been all sorts of talk about what all is in the engine (which looks to be a fairly normal b23, with an aftermarket stock replacement 530 head), but to date I haven't had reason or need to pull the head off and look, so it's anyone's guess. It runs good, smooth, makes good power

and I'm somewhat (but not really) ashamed to admit... it's really a hell of a lot of fun to drive.
Fret not, fellow 7/900 folks, I am not reducing that side of the fleet (it's going to replace the R, so... you know, just another fancy p2 on the market lol), and I still fit better in those cars.. but a nice 242 is a hard thing to say no to, especially if you know where all of the bodies are burried.

immediate plans:
get this tank of gas burned (it's half fresh e85 now) and get it back on the dyno, verify everything. won't likely turn the wick up on it any further right now.
sort out the two annoying oil leaks.. valve cover, and what looks to be the breather plate

pull the dash, fix the heat, and replace the a/c system with one from a newer 240. I absolutely have to have a/c if I'm going to do much more than drive the car in the fall/winter/early spring... and it's too much fun to leave parked for 6 months (that's an alabama heat joke, but the heat here is no joke).

I'll also be procuring an 8v lower half of the kl racing plenum setup to go with the 16v one I bought recently... some of you may already see where this will ultimately end... but hopefully that part of this car's life is a few years out. The eventual plan will probably include the old stroker crank from the gold car, and a modest 16v setup (because... I mean it's what I do). For those who are suddenly asking about the gold car's future engine... worry not about that, it will not want for development of the blue car.

but hey I finally have an apropos platform to put my "swedish racing green" sticker on.

I'll have to dig around and drum up all the old pictures and videos, it was fairly well documented but at the time it wasn't my build, so I didn't post a bunch on my pbase.

some old stuff:

shortly after the first start (lol nitrous)
"They bum rushed them in their own crib, they drank all their beer, they partied with their ladies and they left with the trophy"

Now with in-house Dyno tuning!

Megasquirt Tuning!

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