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Default 240 having problems starting and stalling please help

hello I have a problem with my 85 Volvo 245 2.3l
I posted on another forum to so i am going to say it again here.
i am just trying to figure out whats wrong with the car. i would like to have it working again and avoid going to a shop.
I got home from a week-long trip this week when i left it was working. I think. But when I started up the car it idled not a good idle but idled .but when I give it gas it dies any ideas what this could be. the car is having trouble starting. the problem must be linked I'm thinking
so what I have found so far is
  • trouble idling
  • Stalls when gas is applied
  • trouble starting
  • probally not related but ac is on by its self and won't turn off also started happening when I got back
here is a video demonstrating whats going on.
thank you guys in advance for the help

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My car is fun hp club
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So far what have you maintained/repaired on your car? It could be a simple matter of needed maintenance. Like a tune up for example. If you want to avoid a shop and work on your car these are good cars to learn diy repairs. Your year car has a known engine issue like a decaying wiring harness. How does that look? |Another running quality issue is vacuum leaks. You can test for vacuum leaks which will have symptoms like you describe with a squirt bottle of water. Spray it all around the injectors and intake manifold gasket. Take off and check the hose between the air mass sensor and the throttle body. Make sure there aren't any splits underneath.

A clogged fuel filter can restrict fuel flow that the engine may only idle. A bad fuel pressure regulator can also cause stalling. Pull off the hose and check for any fuel inside the fitting. If there is then a new pressure regulator is needed. A fuel pressure check is always helpful as well.

A low fuel tank with a failed intank pump system will cause poor running.

A good manual like the Bentley version is a great start for service info. Hope that helps you.

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For most of that video, I would say it looks consistent with an AMM failure or a significant air leak after the AMM, but I'm not sure about that noise at the end. Generally when those fail, you can only open the throttle about 15% and then it starts lean misfiring. Also, from my experience, AMM "Failures" can be fixed by cleaning both the AMM connector and the wire connector with contact cleaner and a toothbrush.
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Ok I went in and put in new spark plugs and reattached some cable that was messed up on the break booster and started working good. One plug was not firing. Real dirty. And the cable might have been making the vacuum lose pressure. Thanks everyone for the help
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