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Originally Posted by VB242 View Post
I know Toyota COPs have a feedback wire that are used to detect misfires, not exactly sure how, perhaps a piezo sensor in the COP?
Cars have have one of two misfire detection systems, or both. One looks at crankshaft speed fluctuations and the other monitors ignition coil output voltage. I have an Acura and it has two complete sets of P codes for misfires, one triggered by the signal (or lack of signal) from the ignition coil , the other triggered by monitoring the crankshaft speed. The Acura I have has COPs; but, they are passive COPs and the misfire monitoring circuit is just a voltage divider that generates a voltage pulse when the ignition coil fires. That pulse goes to an external misfire detection module which generates a conditioned signal for the ECU. The ECU initiates a spark trigger for the coil and probably waits for the signal from the misfire detection module to confirm that the coil did fire. If there is no confirmation signal it probably sets a P code. That system will only detect misfires caused by an ignition failure, not misfires cause by a fuel mixture problem or other problems. The crankshaft speed monitor will pick up misfires due to all causes, including stuff that are not legitimate misfires if the software is set too sensitive.
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