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Default Best Dash Mat for 92 244

Hi all,

Not sure which section would be best but some looked kind of dead and I wanted some decent feedback if possible.

I have a single crack (crazy I know) starting on my dash board and I really donít want it to spread and would rather throw a dash mat on it. I have a 1992 244 and black would work best but Iím not sure where to go.

Which brand fits best? Who has experience with dash mats and could show me theirs? Some eBay links and other place looked a little suspicious!

Thanks, Kuba
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Nothing dead here! TB’s the party that goes all night!

To be honest, I’m currently weighing solutions for the same issue. If you search around you’ll find some comments on dash covers, but it sounds like some are still prone to cracking or mounting issues. For the money and work involved, I’m growing more skeptical of them. Happy to be proven wrong though!

I’m not proud to say that I’ve caved and ordered a carpet cover for my ‘91 244 dash on eBay. I’ve never been fond of that look, but this picture set has me rethinking it. Will report back on if it grows on me or not!
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I've used two types of fabric dash covers over the years. There are polypropylene carpet ones and velour. The velour looks a lot nicer to me. I bought the velour one from IPD and the poly one from JC Whitney. Be aware that your dash will continue to crack underneath as there is no stopping those crack from progressing. The cover helps slow the issue down but doesn't completely prevent it.

There was a good thread on using one of the plastic molded dash covers. Those look good as well but are a lot more work to get a good fit on the dash.
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The Coverlay dash cover is the standard for cracked dashes. Second place is the carpet solution.

The Coverlay cover is the only one on the market. If you find a cover on IPD, Summit, JC Whitney, or anywhere else it is going to be the Coverlay one. Search for the cheapest. Anything other than black is probably going to require painting to match your interior.

It is best done with the dash out. That points most to the rug solution.

I have done two with the dash out and both turned out looking like OEM . . . almost. The surface detail is a little less sharp on the cover.

Here is my experience with the first one. The dash had to come out for heater core anyway so why not do it right.



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