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Default B230FT antifreeze leak

This is on a 940 SE that I acquired late last fall. I drove maybe 200-300 miles before putting it in storage. Car did get moved in and out storage twice (turn on car, drive it 10 feet simply in “D” without stepping on the gas and shut her off).

It’s been about 2 months since she was last started. Weather got warm enough this week and I wanted to Take it out for a spin. Instead, I was greeted with a decent sized puddle of coolant under the car.

I already see that it’s leaking from the water pump mushroom seal (yay!), but it’s also leaking from what I think is the thermostat housing. Could it also be leaking from the head gasket?
Oil still smells fresh and anti freeze is clean.

The area within the red marking is what I believe is the coolant leak path. BUT, I haven’t driven the car at anything over 5mph at most when the leak occurred during the last engine start/shut down event. So it baffles me how the anti freeze got that far back if it was just the thermostat seal? It’s bone dry past the temp sensor and knock sensor plugs.

Of course, the water pump.

Any thoughts and suggestions? I was thinking of doing the water pump and mushroom seal (seal from the dealer), doing the timing belt and front camshaft seal (which seems to be seeping) and replace the thermostat and thermostat seal along with a coolant drain and flush to Zerex g05 and get rid of the universal green? Or is universal green fine in these cars (I switched my 240 over to Zerex about 4 years ago)?

Does the leak seem to show anything indicative of the HG?
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