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Default Flying Moose head removal video

I am just lightly testing the YouTube video blog waters and thought you guys might like this. Bring on the criticism and suggestions. I know better lighting and better music more camera angles. Let me know what you think

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Threads like this continue to underline the fact that none of yall are ever actually going to catch me.
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Stiggy Pop
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nice setup in the shop! Is that a gopro? Has a little bit of that wide lens effect, seems like in more cases than not the phone cameras win but then there's storage issues.

I would say for a video this long you should do more cut-ins to the time lapse and show us what you're doing in the process. I usually see guys do a half minute or so of time lapse, cut in and bull**** to the camera for a few, then go back to the lapse. Helps show the detail, keeps the viewer more involved during that mid-section of the video, and gives you more chance to get your personality into it.

Keep it up! There's a huge audience for the stuff and I think you have enough interesting stuff going on with the cars, drivers and racing to get a little something going.
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Today I have listened to more royalty free music than I have in my entire life.
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cool! thanks for sharing...glad Randy has entrusted you with the car.
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