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Rat Dangerous
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Default 740tic swap into NA 940

I have a beautiful 1994 940 NA auto with lh 2.4 that I have been loving over the past year. Right now I am in the process of buying a manual 1990 740 tic as a donor car (lh 2.4 it seems based on MAF serial number, and it has basic mods for a stock turbo like injectors exhaust air box delete mbc etc ..). I am wondering about the engine itself in the 1990 as its running and fairly low km what can I expect for red block advancements for the 1990 year. I know my 1994 has the piston squirters and thicker crank for better reliability im curious if the 1990 is a good donor or if it should just be a +t swap donor.

Any tips on the swap at all whether its do's, don'ts, or just good experience please share in this thread
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Rat Dangerous
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Join Date: Dec 2020
Location: Canada

I want this car to be a fun get around town daily I have no interest in hitting 300hp and pushing for more power I just want something I can have fun with and learn about performance modifications. When I swap the donor im going to make it a stock 940 tic and add the mods as I learn more.
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educator monkey
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I know I'll catch fire for this but just turbo the 94' block you have in the car right now. The later block is more desirable and the squirters are nice. Without knowing how it lived its life, assume that there's less wear to it than the 90tic which probably got stomped on. Don't take the head off the 94, don't replace anything on the current block.

Adding an oil feed to the front of the 94 block is as easy as removing the allen bolt by the water pump, and in a 940, dropping the pan is made simpler by the fact that you can drop the crossmember with 4 bolts to give you a little more room. If you don't own an engine hoist, a big 4x4 block across the fender tops with a hook can hold the entire engine in place while you drop the xmember and pan. Weld a return bung to the pan, slap it back in and finish the swap with the other donor parts from the 740tic. Pick up some AN hose and fittings for the oil feed and return and you're home. I hate swapping engines. With tools it's not rocket surgery, but it's still a PITA to separate everything first.

My advice? Don't drill the return, you will get shavings in the engine, I don't care what anyone says that's done this before. I've drilled the return and I got shavings all over the crankshaft. With the pan out, buy a steel weld bung and pay someone $20 to weld it on for you... done for life. Don't do one of those compression bungs either because they leak.

Yes, there is some benefit to the 90tic block already having the oil feed and return done for you, but anyone that's ever worked on one of these will tell you, even if they don't admit it, but they hate trying to get the stock feed and return back in place.

lots more info here... http://forums.turbobricks.com/showpo...7&postcount=37
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