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Default Daves never ending volvo saga

Hey guys long time listener first time caller .
figured its about time i started a thread on here .

Firstly as the title suggests I'm Dave , I'm from the land of vegemite sandwiches and drop bears.
I fell into the world of Volvos a few years back and its been a downward spiral ever since.
Ill give a brief rundown of what i have done over the years but if you want to know more head over to ozvolvo and read my thread : https://ozvolvo.org/discussion/9946/...volving-volvos.

ok brief run down:
bought $50 mint 1990 240, converted to manual, k cam, exhaust, lowered etc etc
Swapped that 240 for a 1987 360GLT and 1992 240 GLE wagon.
b230f swapped 360, lowered ,exhaust etc etc sold 360
converted 240GLE wagon to B230FK,16T, 3" Turbo back, big Ic ,531 head, ipd cam etc etc
bought 1979 264GlE with B21e.

Ok now you're all caught up .

Heres how my 2 volvos sit now

So the turbo wagon is done for now, well kinda there always seems to be something that needs to be done to it , its never ending in the future there will be T5 trans swap and more powerrr.

my main plans are for the 264 atm.
im currently doing all the suspension , new poly bushes everywhere , classicswede 60/40 springs , gaz front struts , B6 rear shocks , ipd torque rods, dvs adjustable panhard .

very soon i will be embarking on quite the mission.
firstly i will be converting it from kjet to lh2.2 i have everything ready to go just need to find the time .

but the big and terrifying part is the motor and trans. both were said to be good but unknown how true that is .
trans is an m47 and the motor is something a little special .

Its a B23e thats been massively overbored to take chev 283 pistons bringing the displacement up around 2.5l .
the motor was built in a shop that builds race engines and the bottom end was meticulously balanced .
it was said to be the smoothest redblock the bloke has ever had and was torquey as all hell it was built to tow a caravan behind his 240 he needed more torque to get up the mountain haha the motor has only ever ran on LPG .
It was in the car for 7 years and did 300.000ks before being pulled out to swap in a v8 .

i grabbed it off him for dirt cheap as abit of a gamble , it could be interesting ,it could blow up time will tell haha

it was running an A cam which i have swapped out for a H cam im just cleaning it all up doing new gaskets n seals etc then i guess its time to drop it in.

a couple questions for anybody still reading that understands lh2.2
2.2 doesnt get much love here so finding proper information is abit of a thing .

ive been told 2.2 doesnt like cam changes , how do you think it will like the H cam?
i have a mate with a 2.2 car running a H cam no issues but a few guys have told me conflicting things .

ive also been told 2.2 doesn't like injector changes . trying to figure out what injectors to run with the big bore motor , i was given some 16v injectors to compensate for the increased displacement, i also have stock 240 ones if need be .

i think thats about it for now any help with those 2 things would be awesome , ill try to keep this thread updated but if youre interested in following along more check the ozvolvo thread or follow me on insta :pigdog85
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