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Originally Posted by pat244ti View Post
Came here to say this. When I first saw the damage I was thinking it was just going the be a kiss/bonk.

What were his lap times in comparison to the rest of the teams? Car is looking/sounding really sorted
Originally Posted by Duder View Post
Damn, the 850 looks like it is very well sorted! The hit sounded/looked much harder in the in-car video... your front end damage was much less than I expected to see.
After the hit, Randy was very concerned about the radiator when we were talking on the radio. I think it helped both cars are pretty soft in the area of collision and it wasn't an offset impact

There is a lot of styrofoam-type material under the 850 front bumper cover. I think it does a really good job at dissipating the energy. Much better then the gas shocks on a 240.

I think it also helped that the porshe was slow but not stopped. The delta in Velocity was much lower that way.
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Originally Posted by DarkKratoz View Post
The only safe bet is Ben.©
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Love Randy.

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