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Default Volvo 740 Floor Repair Center Support Bearing

so big dummie move on my part , I was moving around my 740 wagon with the front half of the drive shaft removed, and the input of the rear drive shaft spinning and it absolutely ate the whole portion of the center support bearing mounting spot ! You can see carpet from under the car

So now I have my 740 wagon running but can not mount a drive shaft to chassis of the car, will go grab some photos in a bit to better help paint the picture ,

It looks like the only way I can repair this is to cut a square chunk of floor board and weld in a new piece,

Could someone help point me to the best repair method ? Just Overlap the square and jbweld it ?

Looking at buying a MIG welder to do the repair, seems like gasless should be fine? Or should this be repaired by gas welding? Doing some research to find out, Since something that spins kinda fast will be mounted here I just want to make sure I do the repair correctly !

Thanks TB , and dont be a dummy like me! Disconnect the whole drive shaft before moving your car!

---1991 volvo 745 turbo wagon
**m47 swap incoming !

--1977 244 360k+ miles all original
** drive till wheels fall off
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