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Default 240 brake booster replacement - firewall bolts

Hey everyone,

Since I bought the new wagon, brake pedal makes a whooshing/airy noise when pressed, feels kinda weird (little bit squishy, sinks a bit when holding it at a light) and slightly changes idle when pedal fully depressed. Brake performance itself seems fine, but I suspect the thing's leaking.

Went ahead and got a whole reman booster. Went to install it today and for the life of me I couldn't get a wrench on the upper left firewall nut. All the previous threads say it's easy, but the clutch pedal brackets and pivots are in the way for me. Tried combinations of long socket, short socket, swivel joint and extension - no luck. Either couldn't get the socket onto it, or if I disconnected the ratchet I could get the socket hooked up and then couldn't finagle the ratchet back on without dislodging the socket. Ended up giving up and bolting it back together for now.

What's the secret here? Some sort of offset wrench? More extensions (I think I'd hit the HVAC/brackets if I extended in a straight line)? Remove entire pedal box and bracket?
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