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Originally Posted by dalek View Post
People claim the transmission of a Lexus GS450h (~282lb) can do 1000hp in short bursts (https://www.diyelectriccar.com/threa...3/post-1065808), but I have never found supporting docs.
I wouldnt be able to comment, but I believe it.

Since e-motors apply full torque from the moment to the knee where back EMF is becoming greater than supply, you're looking for where the knee is and what the torque taper looks like beyond that. Over volting a motor while maintaining peak current pulls the knee higher into the rev range based on EMF. So a 480v tesla power train will knee at about 45mph, limiting it to XXX hp depending on model, now give it that same 500A current discharge at 800v, and the knee moves around 100 mph doubling the HP. There are dyno sheets that are out there where people say its not making peak torque until 30 mph wheel speed, and yeah, that is true of most any OEM EV, but its not the motor limiting the torque off the line, its the software. Tesla utilizes a ramp in torque rate, where the rate of torque increase/second is limited. You apply input to the throttle, and it ramps in to try to maintain traction. Remove that ramp rate, and you can hook two powertrains together and push them to full opposite torque at 0 rpm. They'll sit there and fight each other until one of them overheats the inverter.

The reason behind most manufacturers staying in the 320-480v systems is two fold, range and power electronics. Most OEM systems have decided to stay at lower voltages because the power electronics cant keep up with the heat.
Originally Posted by mikep View Post
Build it, break it, build what broke stronger, lather, rinse, repeat.

The Build Thread
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