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Exclamation New To Me 745T: High Compression After Beginning Stage 0

Wonder if anybody has any insight before I do a compression test. Recently replaced my old PCV system even though it wasnít visibly clogged to do a refresh (minus the hose that goes into the oil pan) on my 89 745T. While doing so, I grabbed some oven cleaner, and degunked the living hell out out of the intake.

Replaced the manifold gasket, plumbed everything back up.

I also took the time to do my timing belt, front seals, and water pump as well as drain my intercooler that had an absolutely insane amount of oil in it. Goes without saying but if youíve never done it, do it.

Got the timing wrong about 3 times because it was my first and was following the wrong notches on the crank to time it but got it right finally. Tightened everything up.

Now, I had accidentally put a tad too much oil and noticed after a very short drive when it was smoking out the exhaust. Drained some, all good. When I go check under the hood, the external CBV section of hose on the air box hose blew off. Put it on three times, kept blowing off and ripped it off after the fourth time clamping it down, had to end up getting a new hose.

Now it stays clamped on, but Iíve got ridiculous positive crank pressure that isnít making any sense. Iím not sure if Iím missing something that I couldíve screwed up along the way, or if maybe the intake mani is plumbed wrong. Any insight would be appreciated. Itís parked right now, starts on a dime, but thereís some smoke coming out of the oil fill cap also.

P.S. This is my first time diving into this platform to this extent since Iíve got it and love it so far, I mainly run P80ís and P2ís.
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Do the glove test on the oil fill cap to check for positive crankcase pressure. If you do, then the pcv job needs more attention. Probably the return hose in the block is clogged. You can use a long very stiff bristle brush like a rifle brush to clean the years of gunk. I'd also check the other hoses for the pcv system and make sure they aren't clogged with the pcv gunk. Also check the small port on the intake manifold for being clogged. That is the part of the pcv system that works when idling and if the port or the small hose is clogged you'll have positive pressure at idle.
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1993 245 Classic, 435k miles, enem V15. IPD bars and chassis braces. Simons sport exhaust from Scandix. sbabbs ezk chip. Been a good road warrior. Genuine Volvo rebuilt leaky M47.
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