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Default 8v 530 cooling system pressure loss...

So I have an issue with my attempted DD 92 245.

The car at one point sprung a HG, lost the sealing ring between 1-2.

When we had the head off we noticed a good bit of corrosion on the blind holes that the HG lets coolant through, especially by the back of the head.

Im guessing PO ran straight water for while leading to the corrosion.

I removed the porous material and filled the gap with our best friend JB... and decked it flat.

There are signs of a slow leak of water potentially getting into the oil. On the top of the oil fill cap it looks mildly cloudy, and the pcv has a little bit of white in it. The oil for the most part looks completely normal and there's no "milkshake"

The expansion tank dropped from the middle to the bottom on a 40 mile drive.

I put a pressure tester on the expansion tank and pumped it to 10 psi. over about 20 minutes it dropped down to 8psi. We visually inspected as much as we could and did not see any place where the water could be leaking externally.

I left it pressurized when I left to see if it would hold over the weekend.

Any thoughts? My guess is there is a crack somewhere internally in the head letting the coolant wheep into the non pressurized oil drain back....
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