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Default Main headlight relay rewiring

Does anyone know if there is a problem with using the connectors in the photo to wire car wires?

I'm rewiring a new connector for the melted main headlight relay plug. It seems to work fine, but I wanted to make sure before I put it all back together.
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Are they labeled for use on stranded wire of the gauge you're using? I think I've seen those before designed for building wiring, and sometimes that stuff doesn't work so well when not biting onto (relatively heavy) solid copper like it expects. Can slip off.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these connectors meant for residential wiring and for use with solid wire? I would never rely on a "wire nut" approach for stranded automotive wiring. Crimping and heat shrink is the professional way to go, even though things might work at the moment. Also remember to label the wires and make a good drawing of your new circuit. For further info, watch Dave Barton's video showing him crimping with his Thomas & Betts crimping pliers. Ratcheting crimpers are great, too, but you have to adjust them for correct crimping pressure.

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I've got an order coming from Dave Barton on the way. Connnectors, relays, and insulators
and i did watch the vids.

Those connnectors didn't say residential only, but they did say something about copper wire only. I assumed the car wire was copper also, just maybe coated or tinned i think they call it. The socket (from oreillys) came wired and those definitely were copper, but solid and slightly thicker gauge. I didnt want to solder there (its such a tight place) and ive been using a pencil torch. Ill get something else and do it right. Thanks.
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