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Default Spartan locker install: Gap too large

Hello turbobricks,

I'm building a 1031 rear axle in which I want to install a spartan locker.
Donor axle is a 1997 940 one.

The manual states that the locker should be installed without any thrust washers.
Also, it states that the spec for distance between two halves should be between .145 and .170" (=4mm +-0.3mm).

The measurement I'm referring to:

In my case, the gap is 6mm! (amost 1/4"), no thrust washers installed.
The springs are not even preloaded.

What could be going on here? Do different D30 carriers exist?
I do not find such information on the internet.

Also, in this case, is it OK to use (modified?) thrust washers to get the spring preload within spec?

I cannot seem to find an address for customer support for spartan / USA standard gear. Does anyone have an idea how to contact them? No option on their site.

Kind regards
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Info on bakaxeldelar about aussie locker:

Har du en 940 med ett diffhus som INTE är gult måste du kolla så att Aussie lockern passar och får rätt spel, vi har sålt brickor men har slutat med det, fråga efter ett beggat diffhus eller plocka själv ett diffhus ifrån någon annan axel.


NOTE! If you have a 940 with a diff housing that is NOT yellow, you must check that the Aussie locker fits and gets the right game, we have sold tiles but have stopped with it, ask for a used diff housing or pick a diff housing from another shaft. what is important to drive with their original shims that sit behind the bearings.

So they fixed it with shims (which they no longer sell) for the "non yellow" housing.
They only mention the 940 "yellow" housing, maybe a 240/740 carrier is OK.

Or maybe just shim the 940 carrier.
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If I recall right, mine was within spec (or atleast I didn't have any qualms with the spec) but in my photo my space looks similar to yours.

I daily the car and I have no issues with my locker install

edit: i just realized that is not your photo
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Old 02-17-2021, 07:13 PM   #4
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Seems like it might be pretty easy to shim the current setup.
Something as simple as a washer would work.
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Old 02-19-2021, 05:50 AM   #5
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Best bet would be to source another axle, I used one from a low mile 940, which was within spec. It even had the yellow housing it appears.

I had the Aussie locker, which has contact info on their site, possibly they can help out as it's the same design
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Old 02-19-2021, 03:57 PM   #6
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One thing I learned about these axles is that the carrier changes dimension when it's used for different ratios. Whereas Volvo doesn't use different spacing on the carrier for different ratios. Instead they change the thickness of the ring gear. Make sure you purchased a locker for the 3.73 and up ratios as that is the spacing Volvo uses. As mentioned you probably will be fine if you use some shims.
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