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Originally Posted by ZVOLV View Post
You need to repeat this test. You need to have the proper resistance reading to the EZK and the LH Box. It sounds like you do NOT have a ECT sensor signal going to the EZK box. You should have approx 2300 ohms at 63 degrees F/ 17 degrees centigrade.

If you still do not get a reading, test for continuity between the EZK pin 2 and the corresponding pin on the ECT sensor. Reading should be close to zero ohms. If open, you have an open circuit in that wire.

My current theory is that your ECU is in "limp mode" where it will default to RICH because of missing ECT signal.

What codes do you have and which pin are they coming from (2 or 6)?
On the weekend will have more info about the car. A truck bring the car near to my home....
I have discarded the ECT issue because the error code (DTC) has gone by putting the right ECT for the LH2.4 instead the wrong one installed before (an ECT LH2.2)
-The ECT code has gone putting the right ECT LH2.4 =the engine behaves a little better
- replacing the OEM bosch 3 BAR FPR instead the older perforated fpr: the engine get better a lot! The strong engine shakes were gone and the huge amount of black smoke has almost dissappeared.... But not at all, so the next step (tell me your opinions) will be replace the injector driver transistor on ECU. Is cheap... OR perform the injectors test with the obd test mode 3
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