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Originally Posted by brickcupra View Post
From there you might need to check belt timing and compression.
Most folks posting in here do know this, but since some (and possibly the OP) seemingly do not:

The V6 does not have a timing belt, cams are run on chains. There's no "belt timing" to check here. Slipped chains are not unheard of on the PRV but they are rare, generally the chains are pretty trouble free and last a long time, and on the early motors like this one there are other more common well known problems that usually rear their head and sideline the motor long before anything with the chains or rails.

Assuming the OP is still trying to diagnose the issue here and get this car running, I would suggest taking a couple of steps back and getting more context.

What's the history on this 265, to the best of your knowledge, and the history of your ownership of/connection to it? You said it ran before the recent work on it -- did you run it just enough to know it could run, or was it a car you were driving regularly, knew pretty well, etc? Any problems it had when it last ran? Stalling, trouble starting, etc?

What was the reason you started going after the fuel pumps and injectors? Just general maintenance, or to deal with a specific issue? What issue, if so?

Knowing more background will help us figure out where things went wrong. General hint: compression is almost definitely not the problem and neither is valve timing. If it ran before and doesn't now, the engine didn't wear itself to death or skip time while the fuel pump was removed. This issue has everything to do with the things that have been apart recently, and nothing else.

Did you move or remove the distributor or any other ignition system parts during your work on the injectors?
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Originally Posted by TestPoint View Post
First thing to do in a starting problem chase is to use starter fluid to determine fuel or ignition. Runs on starter fluid gotta be fuel. Doesn't run look to ignition or other.

You are going to need fuel pressure test equipment shortly. Here is a homemade set thread: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=289775

I assume with the pump/filter work that you have good gas in the tank.
You really haven't given us much to go on.

An additional note on ignition timing: The #1 spark plug is not where you think it is.

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